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It’s a big week for Chicago IRL! On Friday night, Rebecca Kling and Wes Perry will be reading from their pieces in issue #3 as part of the Chicago Zine Fest at 826CHI (1331 N Milwaukee Ave) from 7–9pm.

Then, on Saturday, Chicago IRL will be participating in the Chicago Zine Fest zine exhibition on the first floor of Columbia College’s Conaway Center. We’ll be sharing our table with LQQKS Magazine. We’ll have copies of all three issues for sale as well as free postcards and mini zines. 

If you can’t make it to the Zine Fest, issue 3 will be available locally at Quimby’s, Chicago Comics, and Women & Children First late this week or next week (we’ll keep you posted). Otherwise, order it online.

Also, stay tuned for details about our release party at Northern Lights at the end of the month!

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    When I get a job, I’ll back order this, friends. It looks good!
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    I can’t wait for my copy!!!
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    Some of my photos are going to be in this zine! Buy this zine!
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    So excited about this! Friday Friday Friday!
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