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We’ve got less than 22 hours to go for the Chicago IRL #4 Kickstarter!

Wouldn’t you like this postcard featuring the words Chicago IRL #2 contributor Vincent Chevalier? He’s requested metallic ink and by gosh we’re gonna try! You can send it to your loved ones to explain why you spend so much time in the Metaverse.

And, if you pledge at any level of $15 and above, we’ll even throw in one of his Blank Hanky, Bottom Right temporary tattoos! It’s great for parties.

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We’re approaching the end of the runway for Chicago IRL #4’s telethon with less than 69 sensual hours to go! We’ve got a few exciting last minute additions.

*All levels at $12 and above include the fourth issue. This is the best way to pre-order a copy! Orders made after the Kickstarter won’t have such an exciting set of bonus options to choose from.

*All levels at $15 and above include the set of artist postcards featuring work from Chicago IRL contributors. The set now includes issue 2 contributor Vincent Chevalier's HYPER-REAL (and hopefully a few more before all is said and done).

*All levels at $30 or above that mention the choice of artist prints or jockstrap now also include a curated selection of issue 3 contributor (and soon to be issue 4 cover model) Kiam Marcelo Junio's original polaroids!

All of the funds raised go directly towards paying printing costs for the magazine and production costs for the rewards. We provide free copies of the issue to every contributor whose work appears, and we also donate copies to local archives and other lgbtq libraries and institutions.

We’ve opened our phone lines, played the ukelele, and put on a puppet show. So please, donate maybe?

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